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Welcome to Harshdeep’s Home of INNOVATION.Harshdeep is a growing and very successful brand, with more than 15 years of experience in development, production, marketing and sales of synthetic pottery.

Our products offer value both in the way plants are grown and presented and the quality of materials used, thus meeting the needs of a rapidly growing industry.

The hallmark of our success is the introduction of new designs with latest colour trends keeping in mind the growing demand for our products for every garden terrace, indoor and outdoor plantings, in consultation with our customers, plant nurseries, contractors and professionals.

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Harshdeep concentrates 100% on synthetic pottery and related products.Harshdeep guarantees perfect quality by controlling the entire supply chain.Harshdeep’s specialism has been a guarantee for expertise and continuity for over 15 years.


Harshdeep offers you optimal sales opportunities by providing a wide range of standard and innovative products. Harshdeep offers you a minimum of 5 innovations each year. This is how we keep your assortment dynamic and interesting for you and your customers.Harshdeep is the trendsetter in the field of colour.


Harshdeep offers attractive products and effective communication. Such as attractive labels, booklets and great packaging. All with Harshdeep branding. We help you to organise our products on your shelves. Attractively, efficiently and effectively. With tempting promotional materials.

Hitesh Shah
Founder, CEO

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